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Death Spares Not The Tiger [entries|friends|calendar]
Celia Rotherham & Luce Snug Axson

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[20 Mar 2005|12:39am]

even when the sun is shining, i can't avoid the lightning

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[13 Jan 2005|02:07pm]
Halloa halloa, quite a bit of time appears to have passed since last we captivated your(and by that I mean our) attention.

Apparently it is now 2005(in the year of our lord)(as opposed to the year of our satan) or, so I have been told. I tend not to go by calenders. Too many tidy boxes; I've always wanted to scramble the boxes and rearrange the ordered numbers. So, hey, it's 2005, right? Big deal! I don't notice anything different around here, except a few 2005 glasses still littering the streets.

So, I think the next entry will be "A Very Special Evening With..." whoever, since Luce and I aren't really pledging our lives to it. Maybe we should just get a website. But this is free! And easy. Maybe Raul will do something, he always has fantastico things to say, like why not speaking English is muoy sexico, and why Chinese resturaunts are elaborate fronts for more sinister deeds, like dog and cock-fighting.

Thus, I end this with a belated "Happy New Year!" to the world and elsewhere. Let's hope it doesn't contain the same disappointments 2004 did. Remember the presidential election? Oh, woe on us.
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[07 Dec 2004|11:50pm]

We're all insane.

Sanity is our aftermath.

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space out, TerraFirma [17 Nov 2004|01:27am]

It's been about two weeks since our country betrayed us. Thankfully, one doesn't feel it much on the East coast, especially the Northeast coast (I'm looking at you, Florida!) I've often felt that New York City should split off into New York City State(catchy, right?), effectively creating more electoral votes for liberality. I think that may be right, if my rarely-attended American politics classes were ever correct.

On to lighter business. It's getting cold.

Surprising, I know, but it seems to happen with alarming frequency as wintry months approach. A study should be studied about this. I'm not just ready to go out in a  coat yet - I'll be clutching my blazer to me even as the whirling winds swoosh snow all around me. Coats are just so... sensible and practical, and rarely are they astoundingly stylish. Yes, one could concievably purvey a stylish coat, but unless you're a posh bouncer at a swank club, you probably don't own more than 3-5 coats(this season, of course), and not all fantastico coats go with everything. Coats hide things, which can be good, and there's always that glorious moment when you know you're wearing a great outfit and that no one else will see it until you take off your coat dramatically, but still, bustling down crowded urban streets in a ski jacket or peacoat just feels so unglamorous. And really, isn't that why the young and hip move to New York? To either feel glamorously sleek and suede or unglamorously funky and cordorouy?

And personally darling, I'm a suede.


-- Celia --

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[06 Nov 2004|03:34pm]

fuck you america.

the depression has set in. seat belt in place for the next four years of lies, death and destruction.


an american

in an unamerican world

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ABBA makes one feel better [21 Oct 2004|12:00am]
It's lovely to add structure to Luce's rambling, poorly-spelled nonsense.

So Luce, with her high-profile advertising whatever job, is out most of the day. I mean, wow, she must wake up about six hours earlier than I do. Like the unemployed slackster that I am, I roll out of bed nearing lunchtime and begin the arduous task of watching a lot of home improvement shows.

Ralf and I have decided that these shows cater to housewives by having a charming yet goofy handsome young man play host.

Ralf and I watch a lot of television together, since he lives in our building and works as a delivery boy at night. Generally he doesn't even knock; I just unlock the door en route to the kitchen, knowing he'll come barging in at some point, telling me to deliver Chinese food. He's an adorable kid from Ecuador, would find that oh-so-enchanting if he wasn't quite gay. His English is perfect, except for when he mixes up words "to sound sexier". You must admit, not sharing a common language is very sexy.

So we decided to appraise the charming and adorable hotties of home repair. I feel a sigh is in order. I'm a TLC whore, so about all but one or two are from that channel. (Hey, find a channel with more home improvement shows that isn't HGTV, then!) But don't believe my judgement: watch every show yourself.

1. Evan Farmer. -- The host of TLC's While You Were Out. A hearty sigh is most definitely in order. I'll pause for that.

Upside: Not only does he have rippling muscles (alright, maybe not, but's in shape! Take a walk down 68th and you'll appreciate a guy who doesn't say no to a few push ups) but he has a sense of humor, and a heavenly singing voice. Don't tell me I'm the only one who remembers 2GE+HER!

Downside: That Kermit-The-Frog-Esque voice gets a little annoying in the voice-overs, especially when you realize his normal voice doesn't really sound like that.

Grade: A solid A.

2. Marc Goldberg. -- You may not know this guy. Host of TLC's In A Fix. A cuteish, mid-thirtiesish Jewish guy

Upside: Hilarious! Occasionally wears "bling" ironically - obviously a not-quite-fit Jewish guy can't quite pull it off, and sometimes resorts to mocking homeowners in order to make them do work. Ex. "Oh man, if I knew this guy was going to be such a whiny crybaby, I wouldn't have come all the way out here." He once referred to himself as a "piece of sweetly toned meat".

Downside: Another guy with an annoying voice-over voice, except his voice is sort of weirdly high all the time. Also, like I said, he's not in top shape - I mean, he's thinnish, but he has an odd sort of beer-gut that's only noticeable once or twice an episode.

Grade: A respectable B.

3. Tyler Harcott. -- host of Style Network's Guess Who's Coming To Decorate?

Upside: Another funny jerk, but go lightly on the "jerk". Very good-looking, very helpful, and usually helps the surprise guest assimilate to the designer's, um, design. Might be Canadian too, which is always a plus. (Did I mention foreign appeal yet?)

Downside: Hosts a show on FOX.

Grade: A shady B- for his dealings with shady FOX

4. Joe Farrell. -- host of TLC's Trading Spaces: Family, oldish for the "hot young host" genre but is likeable all the same

Upside: Seemingly very sweet, charming, and good-natured, good with kids and parents (ha-HA!) without sounding patronizing to either. Sort of good looking, in a "Look at that man playing with his dog, how adorable" sort of way.

Downside: Really likes kids. I mean, he seems to really like kids, far and away beyond the call of duty. Also, Ralf thinks he might be gay.

Grade: B+, if you like husband-material

5. Douglas Wilson. -- Jackass designer on TLC's Trading Spaces. If you don't like Doug, you're nothing to me.

Upside: A hilariously selfish and egotistical jerk whose designs are generally gorgeous. Very cool-looking, with his smooth outfits and interesting hair. Somehow I have the feeling that he isn't really that much of a jerk, that he's really just a kitten deep down. ("A sexy kitten with a knack for design," says Ralf) On one episode he purred very sexily. 'Nuff said.

Downside: Hmm, I guess that jerkiness could sort of be obnoxious, but frankly, I don't see it.

Grade: A just for being Douglas F. Wilson (M.D.)

6. Bob Villa. -- There's something to be said for the old standards. Host of This Old House (as if you didn't know that!), this classy guy just keeps getting better and better with time. Naturally, it isn't my point to say that Bob Villa is attractive or sexy: oh, NO! But wow, Bob Villa is a man among boys, relatively, in this world of home improvement, a fine wine that keeps getting better, a sturdy pillar of craftsmanship and simple skillz. Therefore he needs no upsides or downsides! Bob Villa simply IS.

Grade: A++ because Bob Villa is awesome.


--...and Ralf--
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[20 Oct 2004|12:03am]
[ mood | dorky ]

as i sit here watching the yankee-redsocks game in the 9th inning i wonder
"how is it that 'whose your daddy' made its way back into the mainstream?"

the devil has made a bargain with sinbad.


so....the yankees should win, simply because some guy on the team girlie slapped the first basemen of the red sox. they played it over and over again and if we had drinks a game would have been formed. then...THEN...the police showed up.

yeah, yeah. curse of the babino, blak. i dont care, but im not going to tell keith that. (he gets a face on his face when baseball is being recited in the national spectrum). im going to do him.

back to the festivities.


tehe-celia is frolicking about the room...wearing a fedora.

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keep it confident [19 Oct 2004|11:52pm]
[ mood | its a funny word, "crappy" ]

hello friendly blog community, this is your maven of mystery and internal satisfaction: luce.
it is a pleasure to make your acquaintaince you gentle ROGUE.
enough with the pishy language.
allow me to RE-introduce myself.
my name is luce snug axson,
i live, work and recreate in new york city.
my "flat" (because we FANCY ourselves to be british MATES) is quite adorable. you should come over for a visit. but only if you have ill intentions.
nothing is more exciting than recreating maxwell's silver hammer.
celia is my soul plane. but we are not cut from the isle of lesbos. we are friends of platonia and express our feeling through wit, charm and a mutual disdain for the human race.
i hope i entertain you like a dancing puppet and that you stayed tuned to our daily (fingers crossed) dissertations of the HUMANE race.

oh and yeah, ask me about my name, ya jerks!
i double dare you.


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[14 Oct 2004|12:59am]
First official entry!

And don't it feel great?

Of course it does! Moron.

Soon enough we'll have a whole bunch of random crap that makes no sense to anyone but us! In the works: A salute to Jude Law, this year's hardest working man in show biz; a list of cable's home-improvement heroes - have you met Evan Farmer?; advice against leaving your house-sitting job to Ralf, the Ecuadorian delivery boy from downstairs and more!

-- Celia --
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